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A message from Ali + Dani

We are truly honored and delighted to be entrusted with every celebration that comes to the Diamond A. We promise that we will do everything in our power to make certain of two things: a flawlessly executed experience during your time at our ranch and a property that feels refreshingly new upon your arrival.

How It Started...

Once a stagecoach stop for early settlers, our ranch has transitioned into a timeless countryside event venue. 

At the Diamond A, every corner is steeped in history. From the ancestral lands of the Lipan Indians tracing along Robinson Creek, to the spirited ranch rodeos of the ’90s, and to the pioneering efforts as one of the first registered Texas Brangus herds, the hidden gems on our ranch are still revealing themselves.  

Over the decades, thousands of people have tramped these grounds, leaving their own stories that stand the test of time. As the proud owner, I invite you to come uncover what truly makes this place special. 

Welcome to the legacy of the Diamond A.

Ali Epler - Owner

Ali Epler – alongside her family who ranches in Wyoming – proudly owns the Diamond A. With a deep-rooted love for both travel and ranching, Ali’s journey led her to diverse experiences across the globe which eventually landed her in Lipan, Texas.

Upon acquiring the Diamond A, Ali returned to the USA, wholeheartedly embracing the opportunity to manage the ranch and establish the wedding venue. 

Today, Ali’s meticulous efforts to perfect the backend operations of the venue as well as her dedication and vision continue to shape the story of the Diamond A.

Danielle Tomaski - Venue Manager

Meet Danielle Tomaski (Dani), a true country girl at heart, who comes from a farm in Alberta, Canada. Since her early days, she’s been drawn to the warmth of people, the joy of entertainment, and the country lifestyle.

She is vibrant, family-oriented, and should be coined a solution sorcerer because of her innate knack to problem solve. 

As our Venue Manager and In-House Coordinator extraordinaire, Danielle’s passion for perfection shines through in every aspect of her work. From logistics to special touches, Danielle’s hardwork knows no bounds.

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About Our Homestead Quarters

Imagine your Texas getaway: sprawling across 6,000 square feet of pure ranch-style comfort. This isn’t just any vacation rental; it’s The Homestead Quarters, a 1950s remodeled dream come true, ready to host you and your loved ones (up to 18 of them!).

Step through these solid old cast iron doors (seriously, they’re heavy!) and you’re in our beautiful homestead. The floors are a gorgeous terra cotta and the room features a fireplace that was historically used for cooking pots of soup and wood-fired pizzas.

Exposed brick gives a hint of the Homestead Quarters history along with wall sconces giving off a warm, amber light. Stunning cedar beam ceilings make the whole place feel airy and spacious.

The best part? There’s room for everyone! Six en-suite bedrooms, comfy as can be, with enough beds for 18 people. So whether you’re planning a wedding, a family reunion with the whole gang, or just a weekend getaway with your favorite people, this place has something for everyone.

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