If you’re considering the great outdoors as the backdrop for your big day, you’ve come to the right place to plan your outdoor Texas wedding. We’re here to spill the beans (or should we say, scatter the flower petals?) on how to plan the most unforgettable outdoor wedding, Texas-style. 

In this blog, we are skipping the typical checklist of wedding planning and getting straight into the practical tips that everyone forgets to tell you! 

1. Offer Water: Texas is hot, y’all. Having a water station at the ceremony is the greatest gift to your guests! Pro tip: offer the mini water bottles at the ceremony for less waste, and ask your venue to put a trash can nearby so that when guests are leaving the ceremony, they have a place to put their trash!  During the hot summer months at the Diamond A, we put a galvanized water trough at the entry point for our guests so that they can grab a mini water bottle on their way into the ceremony. 

2. Footwear Advisory: Let your guests know that the ceremony will be outside so that they can plan accordingly and wear appropriate footwear. This is also a good time to think about your own bridal shoes and what will be most comfortable. Some of our brides have opted for chic sneakers and we are in full support!  Pro tip: wear heels to your venue tour (or whatever type of shoe you will be wearing on your wedding day) so that you can get a feel for your comfort level early on in the process! 

Glitter sneakers and a flower bouquet at a wedding venue in Weatherford, Texas.

3. Have a Back-Up Plan: If the weather decides to not cooperate, you should have a back-up plan for how the ceremony and day will look. One of our ceremony locations, The Saloon, is a perfect example, as it has an easy indoor-outdoor option in the event of ‘iffy’ weather! It is also a good idea to rehearse the back-up plan with your bridal party so that there are no last minute surprises.

Outdoor ceremony with white doors covered in flowers at a venue in Granbury, Texas.

4. Plan the Timing: When you prepare your wedding day schedule, make sure that everyone is on the same page about when the festivities will be moving indoors. Your team at Diamond A can help facilitate this transition to make it an easy flow!  Your DJ will also help navigate your guests after the ceremony. 

5. Wait on the Flowers: If it is a hot Texas day, flowers will wilt in the sun. Plan on having a coordinator put your ceremony flowers out at the last minute so they are fresh for tying the knot.

Outdoor Texas wedding venue with ceremony chairs and floral arrangements on whiskey barrels.

6. Plan for Safety: Depending on where you choose to have your ceremony, you will want to make sure there is a plan in place for helping your elderly and/or disabled guests get to the site easily and safely. At the Diamond A, we can help you prepare for transportation needs.  We run our golf cart one hour before guests arrive and are able to drop-off anyone in need, directly at the ceremony.

7. Wind Control: The wind can come and go, so if you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure your hairstylist knows, so that they can pin and spray your hair appropriately. You may want to consider strong pins for your veil too, so that nothing goes flying away mid-ceremony! Worst case scenario, have an updo backup plan in case the wind is too much for you!

8. Use Outdoor Lighting: Hanging outdoor lights, lanterns, or mason jar “candles” can create a magical atmosphere, almost like having fireflies at your beck and call! Our turf patio area is surrounded by cafe lights, creating a cozy vibe for the late night celebrations, AND we have a 200 year old oak tree that is adorned in thousands of light.  It is truly one of the most magical places to enjoy a private last dance or to get photographed at the end of the night before your photographer leaves!

A newlywed's last dance under an oak tree at the Diamond A Ranch.

9. Set Up Lawn Games: Your guests will love some outdoor games for extra entertainment during the reception or cocktail hour. Some examples are corn hole, giant Jenga, mini golf, or giant Fast Four.

10. Hot or Cold: Depending on the time of year, having some temperature regulation can be helpful. In the summer, it can be fun to print your wedding program on a fan so that your guests have a built-in cooling option during your ceremony! It can also be cute to offer wedding-themed sunglasses as a wedding favor. In the winter, you may want to have some outdoor heaters during cocktail hour. 

11. Bring the Bug Spray: Keep pesky insects from crashing your wedding with cute, personalized bug spray bottles! These can even double as wedding favors. 

12. Work With the Light: Our beautiful Texas sunsets are one in a million. We sit on top of the second highest hill in Hood County and have some of the best sunsets in the area. Work with a photographer who understands ‘magic hour’ and the Diamond A venue to create memories that will truly last a lifetime. We offer our couples a splendid list of photographers who know all the best places on our property to capture you and your new partner as newlyweds. 

Newlyweds during golden hour with sunset photos at the Diamond A Ranch.

Diamond A Ranch is a modern, countryside wedding venue located near Weatherford and Granbury, Texas. With four ceremony locations available, our 2,000 acre venue is perfect for your outdoor Texas wedding. Book your tour of our unique venue today!

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