Your wedding day will be just that: One day of your life. However, it can be one of the most meaningful, and your memories will live on forever. That’s why we always suggest working with an amazing wedding photographer who you ‘click with.’ 

To create the best memories for you and your man, the wedding photographer should feel as comfortable with the venue as they do their own home! Here is some knowledge we recommend photographers have about venues (and why we have a preferred list of Diamond A photographers!

1. Layout and Lighting:
First and foremost, your wedding photographer will want to understand the layout of the venue to help plan the shot list. Knowledge of where the main areas like the altar, reception hall, and dance floor are located is vital.

Secondly, they will want to identify the natural light sources such as windows and outdoor settings. Understanding how light changes throughout the day, especially during the ceremony and reception times, is important for capturing those beautiful Texas sunsets. 

2. Architecture and Scenery:
The photographer will make note of unique architectural elements, like the Diamond A Stoneway, oak tree grove, and lake, that can serve as picturesque backgrounds. Our unique Homestead Quarters and Bridal Casita also have ‘vibey spots’ for memorable photos. 

Our 2,000 acre ranch has many scenic spots and your photographer will likely work with you to scout these out before the big day!

3. Weather Considerations:
If there is a chance of rain, or in case of unexpected weather changes, your photographer will have backup plans for indoor photo locations. It can also be fun to bring umbrellas or other props for some memorable pictures.

4. Venue Coordinator Collaboration:
Your wedding photographer should establish a good working relationship with your venue coordinator. They can provide valuable insights (our team at Diamond A knows the ranch inside and out!) into the best photo locations and help coordinate certain shots. 

5. Your Preferences:
Always talk to your photographer about what you envision your wedding photos to be like. Do you prefer more candid shots or more posed photographs? How many photos would you like with your family? Any dream requests or funny poses you want with your bridesmaids? Your photographer will be able to tailor their plans based on your preferences.

6. Technical Considerations:
Choosing a photographer who is familiar with the wedding venue can make a huge difference in the editing process as well! A skilled photographer will know which equipment they need for the venue size and lighting conditions. They will also know how to adjust white balance settings according to the venue’s lighting conditions to ensure accurate color representation. 

Don’t worry, it sounds technical, but our list of Diamond A photographers are all pros and know what to do! In addition, they will all have backup equipment in case of technical failures. 

7. Timeline Awareness:
Always include your wedding photographer in the wedding day timeline. This way, they will know when important moments, such as the ceremony, toasts, and cake cutting will take place, allowing them to prepare and position themselves for the best shots.

Your Wedding Day Photos

At Diamond A, we do everything we can to create a wedding experience that is memorable AND enjoyable. That’s why we have done the research and selected some of the best photographers in the DFW metroplex as a starting point for you. 

Our best tip is to make your wedding photographer your best friend. Your day is such a milestone, make sure the memories are forever stored.